Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Nude- First Impressions

March 24, 2016

Hi lovelies back again with a Beauty review. This time I wanted to do something a little different where I will be giving you my first impressions of a product. These are the types of posts I get really excited about and love watching beauty vlogs on it as sometimes first impressions can determine how we feel about a product. If you like this style of post let me know and I will definitely try my up most to jot down my first impressions on all new beauty and skin care purchases.

Today I am giving you my first impression on Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eye Eraser in Nude…………jeez that was a mouthful.
I know you may be thinking why did I get Nude but for some reason in the UK most stockists only carry two shades with the other being Light which is too light for me and my brown skin.

Right let’s get on to my first impressions;

v  I like the packaging.
v  Looks like you get a good amount of product for the price.
v  Compact size easily fits into my makeup bag.
v  The lid pops on and off securely so no need to worry about the top coming off in your bag.
v  The applicator is a sponge and seems to be soft to the touch.
v  You twist the top to get the product out on to the sponge and seems to be  a quick and painless process (not sat there twisting your life away).
v  There is not an overflow of product that comes out all at once on to the sponge, so it did feel like I had control on the amount of product that I could use.
v  When applied to skin it felt very cooling which is nice.
v  It glides on easily with no effort.
v  It is quite a light consistency where I am used to my concealers being super pigmented and as soon as I applied it to my face I can see the colour is way off and is making my skin look slightly ashy.
v  I can’t see any initial under eye creases appearing.
v  After applying to my under eye area I can still see darkness so not convinced it has made a world of difference….could depend on not having the right shade though....Mmmm.

So when it comes to finding the right concealer for me I am in need of a product that is going to hide those pesky dark circles under my eyes and this product unfortunately does not cut it. I’m sure it would be a great product for someone who is of fairer complexion to me, does not suffer with darkness under the eyes and maybe on the lookout for an affordable under eye highlight.

If you have tried this product and currently using it I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Oh and if you have tried any of the other shades maybe more for brown skin please share in the comments below.
Till Next Time

Links to where you can purchase;

For more shades;

How many times can I write under eye in a post??!!haha

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