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July 10, 2015

All Things Mochi- Accessories
Hi Lovelies

Happy Friday!!! Sorry for missing last week's #fashionfridayfix. As I had said in my last post I am having major issues with my laptop which has been making it impossible to put together a post!Urgh.. Anyway its "Friday" the start to the weekend....wishing my life away!

This weeks #fashionfridayfix is a brand called All Things Mochi who are based in Dubai.
I discovered this brand on Instagram and have recently seen a large growth in their followers which is not surprising when you see their culturally driven designs with a modern twist.
Zuzu Cape Jacket
I read that the founder of All Things Mochi is Palestinian born Ayah Tabari which now makes sense in terms of the design of the clothing where you can clearly see her roots have a massive influence even to go as far as naming one of her collections Palestine, which just so happens to carry the popular Zuzu Cape that I absolutely adore and could only dream of owning!

They employ local artisans from each country to make their clothing applying traditional techniques using local fabrics and embroidery. Even from their photo's you can see the quality and intricacy that has gone in to each piece which adds that speciality and uniqueness to the clothing.

I cannot tell you enough how much I am obsessed with this brand and I always find myself stalking their Instagram page looking for fashion inspiration! Their page is fun, bright, colourful and you can find great idea's on how to style their clothing! 

Sharing with you below are some of my favourite items from their collections:

Thailand Collection- Lulu Crop & Midi Skirt
Uzbek Collection
Uzbek Collection- Midi Skirt
Jaipur Collection- Just Smile Jacket
If you are interested and want to see more on this Brand you can find them on Instagram and their web page is

Photo Credits facebook/allthingmochi

Have you heard of All Things Mochi before? What is your fave look from this post? Mine would have to be the Zuzu Cape Jacket of course!
Would love to read your thoughts on this.

Till Next Time


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  1. I know this brand from my time in Dubai, the designer has been featured in local magazines there. That midi skirt from the Uzbek Collection is gorgeous! I also like another brand called Kage - bought myself their cute off the shoulder palm leaf print dress the other day :) Check them out when you can, their insta is @ilovekage

    1. I was following this brand for ages on Insta and didn't realise they were based in Dubai, If I had know before I would of got you to take me there!!l;)I Haven't heard of Kage, will have to check that out. Thanks for the feedback x

  2. Great post! I like the inspiration pictures

  3. Thanks for the feedback and happy you liked it:)



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