Le Marché de France - Kuala Lumpur

June 14, 2015


Hope you are all having a good weekend so far!

This is an impromptu post, I just "really" wanted to share with you all, where I went today (13th June).

In Malaysia, from the 14 May - 16 June 2015, is the The French Art & Film Festival, organized by Alliance Française of Kuala Lumpur.

So "of course" we had to go to the event, which involved food!! Le Marché de France (French Market), is a culinary experience, where you get to taste and purchase, authentic French products. Apart from food and drink, there were a few other stalls, selling second hand goods, from household, books, to kid’s toys and clothes, “Great” if you have just moved here, or simply, just looking for a bargain!

This was my first time going to this event and what a lovely day out, for expatriates and locals, to come together and enjoy a slice of French culture.

The Offical French Language and Cultural centre, Alliance Françaisethat hosted Le Marché de France

I love me a good ol' Tart and nothing beats a warm, buttery, crispy croissant!YUM

The French are known for their bread, especially their baguettesCouldn't resist taking home, that chocolate slice along with some madeleine cake, Ahh Yeah!

My husband is "obsessed" with these syrup drinks, especially the mint flavour! It reminds him of his childhood, visiting his family in France. Personally, I am not a fan of the Mint flavour, but jumped in and tried the Grenadine flavour for the first time and that tasted good!

Now, when we saw this, BBQ Merguez (red spicy sausage, normally made of Beef/Lamb/Mutton originating from North Africa) we went "Nuts". When I visited Tunisia, some years ago, I ate this everyday!
You cant beat a having a juicy Merguez inside a fresh baguette! 

The patisserie's on the left, were made by the students from Le Cordon Bleu:)

Ending this post, with a lovely/not so lovely, photo of myself! Need to work on my pose a bit more....I'll get there!

Hope you have enjoyed this impromptu post. The one thing missing, was the smelly French cheese. I might of completely missed it, didn't see any there!
Have you been to this event? Or do you know of any other, cultural events coming up in Kuala Lumpur? Please feel free to comment below, All feedback welcome
Till Next time


INFO; If you are interested in learning French in Malaysia or want to find out more, on up and coming events,  click on the link;

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