My Weekend stay at The Danna Langkawi

April 13, 2017

Hey Lovelies this post has been long overdue, sitting in my draft box for far too long and ironically, I have just got back from a weekend stay in Langkawi but, unfortunately for me, it wasn’t at The Danna this time round.

For anyone that doesn’t know Langkawi is a collection of Islands off the coast of Malaysia. It’s still fairly underdeveloped, but at the same time, you have plenty of restaurants to choose from, 3-5 star hotels/resorts and excursions to go on. The three times that I have visited Langkawi it’s always been quite chilled, I don’t like to compare places all the time, however, with somewhere like Bali being a top destination for tourists travelling around Asia there does seem to be that constant flow of visitors, whereas in Langkawi it is a seasonal place, a lot slower pace which isn’t a bad thing when you want to have a quick escape from the hustle 'n' bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

So here I am still dreaming about my stay at The Danna Langkawi, Literally!! I was hesitant to put this post up as the photo’s I took weren’t the best, nevertheless, I really wanted to share for those of you who are planning on going and fancy a stay in luxury.


The Lobby

My Room
I swear I had the best sleep in this bed, I have no idea what mattresses or pillows they use It was pure relaxation every night no exaggeration.

Straits & Co. Cafe
The one thing I missed photographing was the breakfast which is not to be missed. My friend and I made sure our asses were up every morning for the breakfast. 
There is a wide selection of food to choose from hot or cold and the added bonus for me was that I could order a cafe latte as part of my breakfast in the morning at no extra cost.

 The Grounds
The infinity pool is huge so you have lots of space to swim around or even rest your head on the pool edge facing the sea taking it all in.

Private Beach

Telaga Harbour
There is a harbour right next to the hotel which you can easily access and have a walk around.
 Our first nights stay we had dinner at one of the many restaurants they have along the harbour, the food wasn't bad and reasonably priced.
Moi x

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If you have been to Langkawi and have any recommendations on anywhere else that is good to stay please share in the comments as I am always looking for a quick weekend getaway.
Oh and if you can recommend any good restaurants other than the usual ones you find on Trip advisor would really love to hear from you.
Till Next Time


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