My Lunch Date(s) @ Chocha Foodstore in Photos

April 21, 2017

April has been another crazy hectic month for us with lots of family and friends visiting therefore with Petaling Street, which I can only describe as the China town of KL being one of my favourite areas to venture in, is, of course, going to be on my list of places to take them.

Each time I go I discover something new which is what makes it always exciting, and on one of those days we had just left Coffee Amo that is famous for their 3D Art coffee (Blog post coming soon), we only had a coffee there and wanted to head to this other place for lunch so as we were making our way we passed by Chocha Foodstore which I have to say if it wasn’t for us walking in the shade and my sister’s curiosity we would have completely missed it.

Anyway, as soon as we had a noisy inside we were like "Yep let's eat here" and you will see why below...Enjoy!
* A pointer so you don't miss it, look out for the wooden bench outside!
There is an open courtyard in the centre where you can also enjoy your food on the long wooden tables and be surrounded by all the greenness of potted plants including my fave Frangipani.
The menu is minimalist which I prefer because who has time to read a book when you wanna order food, right! It is all Asian inspired dishes, we chose 3 dishes to share, all were very yummy and decent size portions, not too big and not too small, although my husband said it's more of a snack than a meal so that goes to show we all have our own definitions of portion size...but hey ho.
Plants everywhere even in the Toilette space.
The flooring still has it's original tiles which I LOVE and you can see the structure of the building nothing has changed which gives this place so much character, I could not stop taking photos inside this place, not bored here at all.
I saved this photo till last because it is a true authentic me behind the scenes, no blogger pose here, no taking myself too seriously.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Do let me know if you have been to Chocha Foodstore or if you are planning on going, also please feel free to recommend any other cafes you think I should visit in K, would love to hear from you in the comments below.
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