My Saturday In Photos

March 17, 2017

Hey Lovelies it has been a minute or more like a few months since my last post. I think this time around I'm not even going to mention anything about me trying to put out more blog posts on a regular, I just have to do it right! On a real though I do miss blogging like I have said previously it's a space for me to get in tune with ones artistic side.

So, speaking of artistic side I finally had some free time over the weekend to do a lil bit of exploring in the city and found some surprisingly cool spots which I thought why not share with you all in case you have any plans on visiting Kuala Lumpur or even for those of us like myself that live in the city and fancy a change from the usual monotony.

Here is My Weekend in Photos, Enjoy!

Jamek Mosque

Street's in the same area as Central Market

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple
I honestly felt like I had stepped inside some old Kung Fu movie...what an enchanting place which happens to be over 150yrs old.

Lucy In The Sky Cafe
Coffee pit stop at this cafe we came across in China Town which I have to give a shout out to because the Coffee was on point. So if your like me and find yourself in the same area needing a caffeine fix I would highly recommend this place for that.

The Front Door At Grocer's Inn

Street Art in China Town
Jalan/Street Tun Tan Cheng Lock                                                                        

That is it for this post I hope some of you have found it useful and please do feel free to share your recommendations on other places to visit in the China Town are as we are always looking for new spots to check out.

Till Next Time

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