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October 17, 2016

Hey Lovelies back with a brand new post. The last 2-3 months have been crazy hectic for me with lots of travelling involved and as much I love to explore new places nothing beats coming back home to my comfy bed, catching up on my series (Narcos and Power) whilst having a hot cuppa tea and biscuits to go with.....I know, I know I'm sounding like an old lady right now!! One thing I am curious to know from you guys is what does the meaning of home mean to you? it would be cool to hear your thoughts on this especially for those of us that have moved out of our parents homes and away from where we have grown up.

Anyway with all this travelling there have been certain items I found myself reaching for the most, especially when it has come to makeup, face products and clothing. To be totally honest I am a creature of habit hence if I find something that works for me I tend to stick with that and continue using it until it discontinues or for whatever reason I cant get hold if it.

So here is my current fave;

Mac PRO Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium Deep- reviewed this palette in a previous post and was originally drawn to it for the coral correcter shade which funny I enough I hardly use you can clearly see. But now I have been using the lighter concealer shade (NC42) as my everyday under eye concealer because it's a good match to my skin tone, covers up the dark circles and I can easily blend it in using my finger when I'm rushing around in the morning.

Tarte Tartelette tease clay palette- I am not a massive eye shadow wearer but when I passed this teeny palette at the check out isle in Sephora it immediately caught my eye. At the time I had my sisters wedding coming up in Fiji and thought it had the perfect colour combination of nudes and shimmer, plus being small and compact I knew it would be an easy one to pack and the powders actually have a great colour pay this has been a win win for me!

If I'm not wearing a natural lip with my paw paw balm smothered on then these are the two lipsticks that have been a constant for me for most of this year and they both happen to be matte.
Sephora Collection Colour lip last lipstick No22- I lurveee the colour of this lipstick and I think it suits my skin tone. This happened to be the lipstick I ended up wearing on my sister's wedding day (be warned, Fiji & sister's wedding will be a theme in this post). It is highly pigmented, long lasting lipstick. Being matte it can be very drying on the lips and the only real niggly thing is that does bleed so you would be better off lining your lips with a liner....saying that I don't...I haven't made an effort to find a liner yet to go with but either way I still wear it.
Description: No22 is a matte, burgandy pinky colour.

MAC Lipstick in Whirl- I went into Mac a while back looking for a nude everyday lipstick and was recommended this one, I only realised after I bought it that this happened to be the lipstick that everyone and their mum has!haha Saying that it is a nice cool tone lipstick and one that I can imagine most skin types could get away with wearing.
Description: Whirl is a matte lipstick and is described on Mac as a dirty rose colour.

Pure Fiji, Lemongrass Insect Repellent Body Spay (Travel size)- Whilst in Fiji I had to make a pit stop at Prouds in Suva which stock's Pure Fiji products and came across this travel size mozi spay which ended up becoming my handbag essential travelling around Fiji, Vietnam and Langkawi.

The Body Shop, Fijian Water Lotus Fragrance Mist- Can I just say I have not shopped in Body Shop for I can't even remember but for some reason I decided to pop in there whist I was killing time at the airport in Malaysia on route guessed it FIJI!! Of course the name is what caught my attention then when I had a lil spritz it is a pleasant, everyday fresh smell, easy to wear and the fact that it's 100ml means I can carry on the plane and it's RM65/GBP7.50.

Melvita, Avocado Oil- This oil has become part of my night time routine and I am already on my second bottle. Since I started using it I have noticed a change in my skin where it feels a lot more smoother and plumper. It is quite a heavy consistency which did put me off at first but as soon as I started massaging it in my skin it immediately soaked it up. It does say on the description that it's for dry skin where mine is more on the normal to oily side however I do think my skin gets dehydrated from all the aircon and heat in Malaysia hence absolutely loving this oil.

Painting "Kyoto Girl" by Artist Nini Marini-We (hubby & I) bought this painting from a local Malaysian artist Nini Marini at her first solo exhibition "Reflections of a Peacock Butterfly". By the time we arrived at the exhibition most of her painting's had been sold, luckily for us the one we both had our eye was still there waiting for us. As soon as we saw her (Kyoto Girl) we knew she would fit right in to our living space with her vibrant colours and exotic vibe.
Nini Marini Links:
The photo above and below were posted on my Insta Page and show me wearing my everyday bag. This was a birthday gift from hubby and I have been wearing it almost everyday since and it has been with me on all my travels.
It is a Tory Burch, cross body, gorgeous black soft leather handbag with gold hardware. It's such a versatile bag that I am able to wear it from day to night and I can fit all my crap inside...Yay!

The very first photo shows me wearing a choker I bought a while back in Forever 21. I have worn this choker to death and find it's that accessory that you wear when you want to add a hint of coolness/edginess to your outfit. I am so so happy chokers are back in and undoubtedly I will be buying some more......because who doesn't wanna be cool and edgy hay!
I couldn't find the choker I bought so sharing one similar:

Also in the photo is a blue and white stripe dress that I wear as a top because if I wore it as a dress my ass would literally be hanging outside for the world to see...which is not a cute look.
It is a light cotton top from Zara that I pair with a couple of trousers I have, again easy to wear and one that will contine to be a staple in my wardrobe.
Something similar:

What tunes have been on repeat;
Stormzy- Where do you know me from
Makola- This is London
Nao- Bad blood

And the most recent that everyone will get going by my social media posts;
Solange- A seat at the table (the whole album)

I hope you have liked this post and feel free to share your recent faves? Please let me know if there is anything from this post you want me to cover in more detail.

Until Next Time

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