Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

September 22, 2016

Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Hey lovelies it has been a minute....or should I say a couple of months since my last post which seems to be a common theme for me lately and one that I am not too happy with since blogging for me has been that space to really get creative and truly finding enjoyment in that.

So moving forward I need to get my ass in gear and put some time aside for myself and get to sharing with you all the things I have been up to on my travels with lots of fun (hopefully) recommendations.

To get back into the swing of things I wanted to share my favorite season for fashion which is  kinda obvious as it is in the title of this post.... Autumn/Winter 2016 trends, Enjoy!

Bell Bottom
Frayed Denim

Badges & Patches
Tulle Skirt
 Metallic Pleated Skirt
The Bomber Jacket
 Trench Coat
 Bags Bags & Bags
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What is your favorite Season for Fashion? and is there anything that you have your eye on for this season?? I am looking for Chanel looking shoes like the block colour beige and if you know where I can find do tell:)

Till Next Time

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