July 31, 2015

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Hope you are all having a good week so far?!

Recently I have been enjoying reading/watching other Blogger's sharing apps they use, which I have to say has been really useful! Sometimes I'm on instagram or on one of my other social media sites and wonder "what filter did that person use" "how did they add music to that video"..and so on, therefore I thought it would be fun to share mine and who knows you may find it helpful too:).

The apps I am sharing with you today are ones I use frequently My Go To, so it will be a bit of a mish mash of things with some I am more than sure you use already. I wont list Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for obvious reason's.

Without further ado...

Google+ I have found it a huge help being a blogger sharing my blog post's with all my group connection's. I would probably say most of the visits to my page are from Google+ and having the app on my phone is super convenient when you are on the go and want to share you're post's and keep up to date on people liking, sharing and commenting. Great tool!

Pages is an app linked to a page you run on Facebook. I linked it to my Blog's Facebook page that way I can easily see messages, notification and stats all relating to my page separating it from my personal account.

Pinterest I have been using for quite a while now and have not tired of it yet. I love the idea of it and have been inspired by many things I have come across on there, from fashion, home decor and recipe's. Blogger's that I follow have mentioned how useful they have found it for sharing their blog post's and that it has helped in the increase of blog traffic....that I am yet to see as I have only just started sharing my post's on there.

Polyvore is one I have referenced a number of time's in my post's. This app is a place for you to discover all your fave Fashion, Beauty, Home decor items and then the part I have fun with the most is getting to create your own collages from those item's you have found. They have loads of items to choose from and you can even import photo's of things that you have stumbled upon on the Internet. Creative, enjoyable app!

Fotor was one of the first apps I downloaded to edit my photo's and one that I continue to use. There are plenty of filter's, borders and text to choose from. As well as the app I use the desk top version when I'm editing photo's for my blog, a very easy and straight forward app to use.

InstaSquarer is an app that sizes your photo's to the shape of a square without having to crop the photo. This of course is a great app for when you need to post a particular photo on your instagram page, no more having to chop off half a head or arm to fit the screen.

XE Curreny is a foreign exchange app. This has been my Go To when travelling. Don't know if anyone else is like me....I always have to check what something cost's in pounds (being from UK), even though I have been in Malaysia for about a year on and off..I still check! The only down fault is you need to have access to wifi when using, but like most places now you can always find somewhere that has free wifi.

Crowdfire I discovered recently and I use it on a daily basis. This app can be linked to your Twitter and Instagram account. It gives you a break down of all your followers, to the people you follow, recent followers and recent unfollowers (which I love). One of the things I have found more so since blogging, there are certain blogger's out there that will purposely follow you in return for you to follow them back and then once you do they will unfollow a few days later....which is so annoying and sounds ridiculous. The only conclusion I have come up with, is that it is their way of increasing the number of followers on their page. The other part to this app I am using is the Automate direct messaging service for Twitter. Basically I have set an automatic welcome message that gets sent to every person that starts following me on Twitter, which is a fantastic way to introduce yourself and to leave links to your other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Tunein Radio has been my connection to the UK music scene since moving abroad. This app allows you to pick up radio stations from all part's of the world for that reason I get to listen to 1xtra radio, Capital and LBC...yes I said it LBC!hehe

Hope you liked this post. Can you suggest any decent apps that let's you add music to your video's?Are you using any of these apps and how do you find them? I would love to hear from you.
Till Next Time


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  1. Thanks for sharing. This will be useful to me.

    1. Thank you Tulia;) You have reminded me I need to do an update on this Post! x

    2. You're welcome. Oh okay, that'll be good to read ;) I think I'm subscribed. x

    3. Great! Thank you Tulia for your support it's much appreciated x

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