Fashion Friday Fix- Sika Designs

July 25, 2015

Hey Lovelies,

Wishing you all a Happy Friday!!

We are back again #fashionfridayfix this time I am sharing with you all a brand I have been following for YEARS....Sika Designs. 

Sika Design is a UK brand where the garments are made in Ghana using locally sourced fabric which tends to be tie dye, batik and wax prints. They model their designs on the trend and style of London's urban chic (their word's) using traditional African textile. They do have an online boutique which has recently been updated along with a new logo and they now have a collection with ASOS called Sika X asos which is amazing, you must check it out!

I first came across this brand visiting my local market in London, Greenwich Market. At that time their shop was located inside the market square and I remember when I first walked passed it and having to turn back on myself after spotting a colourful dress in the window. I think what really caught my eye was the style of the dress and the fabric that was used. The structure of the dress was very modern European and then the use of fabric was an African print which I thought was very unique and interesting as I had never seen this type of contrast before.

Below I am sharing with you some of my favourite items from their collection;

Fashion Blogger Ranti In Review styling Sika X asos Dress

Ranti In Review again styling another Sika X asos dress

If you want to see more from Sika Designs and keep up to date on their collections you can find them on the links below;

Photo Credits Facebook/Sika Designs

Sorry if this weeks post was a bit short. I am not very organised as is a work in progress! Maybe I will have to do a post on that?! Let me know what you think.

What is your favourite look from this post? Had you heard of this brand before? Would love to hear from you, all feedback is welcome.
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    1. Hey Anna, I will be sure to check out your blog x

  2. I really love the prints on the third one. Really nice!

    1. I really like that print too and I think it is from their new collection! Great choice and thanks for the feedback Anis x



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