Bangkok Diary- What is in my Handbag

July 22, 2015

Hey Lovelies,

How has your week been, any plans for the summer holidays?

As most of you know hubby and I are having a work/break in Bangkok. I am currently sat in a café off Sukhumvit Road writing this post, bliss. This is the second time for me visiting Bangkok and it feels like a whole new adventure again. We spent most of the weekend walking around town and my legs and feet are feeling it now.

The hand bag I am wearing in the photo above is the one I have been using on this trip, which is small, compact and easy to travel with. I thought it would be fun to do this post as one of my previous posts What is in my Hand Luggage happened to be a popular one and who doesn't want to know what's inside a ladies hand bag?!

1. Passport- When travelling I carry some form of ID on me at all times, encase for whatever reason you are stopped by police. I am carrying my passport with me on this trip because I forgot to bring my Driving Licence, which would of been a whole lot easier to carry!duh

2. Pure Fiji Body Mist- I shared this in my What's in my Hand Luggage post and it is one of those beauty find's that I WISH I had bought more of. I use it to rehydrate my face and skin, I also spray it in my hair as it contains natural oils and has a gorgeous yummy smell.

3. Moigus Power Bank- This is a must have my saviour for when my phone battery is about to die. This is more of heavy duty one that I have so I can charge more than one phone at a time, which is sooo handy for me and my husband when we are out and about.

4. Paw Paw Lip Balm- One must keep one's lips moisturised at all times especially when you are walking around in the heat and then popping in and out of shops where the air con is blasting.  

5. Stoper Pepper Spray- I bought this about a year ago and feel every girl should carry one for our own safety. It is easy to use (not that I have had to use it yet) and hardly takes up any room in my hand bag.

6. Purse- I bought this cheap leather purse off a market stall in Kuala Lumpur to replace a big purse I used to carry around with me. It's a nice size and has separate compartments for your cards, notes and coins, so everything is easily located.

7. Wet Wipes- This is a must have item for me, for anyone that know's when you are going around in the humidity of Bangkok wet wipes come in handy! Tip- I try to get antibacterial wipes In the mini size.

8. Antihistamine- I am allergic to peanuts so you will ALWAYS find this in my hand bag. I have to be extremely careful in this part of the world where a lot of their dishes contain peanuts or use peanuts for garnishing

9. Paracetamol- I am not someone that suffers a lot from headaches but when I am travelling I like to be prepared as most of us know, it's not a nice feeling when your walking around in the heat with a banging headache.

10. Hand Mirror- This is a really old hand mirror my friend bought me from her trip to Dubai. It is always handy having a hand mirror to hand;).

11. Extra Chewing Gum- I bought a pack of 80 when I was in the UK (I know crazy). I like to try keep my mouth fresh when I am out most of the day. 

12. Asthma Pump- I do suffer from mild Asthma hence carrying an asthma pump in my bag.

13. Mini Nail File- This mini nail file came free in something, it's the first time I am carrying a nail file with me and haven't had to use it yet. I thought it would come in use as my nails have been splitting a lot recently, which can be annoying when it starts to catch on your clothes.

14. Nude Pink Lip Pencil- This lip pencil is so old it is shameful to tell. I started using it again recently on its own, I wear it under my lip balm.

15- MAC Pink Lip Gloss- For those days that I am not wearing lip stick I will carry a pinky sheer lip gloss to add some colour to my lips.

Now that I am looking at this long list of things I wonder how us women do do we manage to fit our whole life in to one little hand bag?? Well, I have some how proved that we can.

What other useful items do you carry in your hand bag? Would love to hear from you as mine has slightly changed over the year when travelling.
Till Next Time


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