48 hrs in Bangkok

June 23, 2015

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you have all had a good weekend?!

I am kicking off this week with a travel post! I know a few of my friends are planning a trip to Asia this summer and will more than likely be passing by Bangkok. 

The idea for this post was actually inspired by a friend of mine, who recently travelled to Thailand (her first visit to SE Asia). I "couldn't" wait to speak to her after her holiday, to find out how it went, what she experienced and then she dropped it on me, how she DID NOT LIKE Bangkok. She found it too hot, too sticky, had a horrible boat ride on the river, was unimpressed with the Floating Market tour and the list went on! I felt soooo bad for her after hearing this, as I had experienced the "total" opposite. I mentioned to her some of the places that I had visited on my trip to Bangkok and she had not been to any of them! So, off the back of that, I have put together small a list of places that you could easily visit, if you had 48hrs in Bangkok;

1/ Sukhumvit Road
Sukhumvit Road
Sukhumvit Road, is the longest road in Thailand, and there is "lots" happening on this busy street, It is buzzing from morning to night, non stop!

View from The Westin Hotel Bar
When I visited, I stayed on Suckhumvit road and found it to be "such" a convenient location, you have everything there from street food, restaurants, café's, market's, shopping malls's, bars and clubs. Something for everyone all within walking distance, or, if your feet cant carry you any further, just jump in to a  Tuk tuk. I was taking Tuk tuk's everywhere, loved it!

Sukhumvit Night Market
You discover lots of little markets around Bangkok. Due to limited time there, I only managed to pass by a couple with one of them being Sukhumvit night market, as that was suitably situated next to my hotel! There I found all sorts, from clothes, fake goods, DVD's, luggage...you name it, they had it!

Photo Credits (1&3) Google

2/ Wat Pho- Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha
There is no way you could miss the Temples in Bangkok! Everywhere you go, you can see the gold roof tops glistening in the sun. I visited Wat Pho, which is one of the largest and oldest Temples in Bangkok, you will find over "1000" images of the Buddha here!

Those are some BIG feet! Beautifully inset with mother of pearl, the feet indicate 108 auspicious symbols of Buddha

I tried to cover most of the Temples grounds. It felt like every turn you took, there was always an opening leading you in to another courtyard.


Tip- When visiting a Temple, always remember to wear long skirt or trousers and if you happen to be wearing a sleeveless top, carry a scarf with you in case you need to cover your arms. Keep a bottle of water on you too, as it can get extremely hot walking around the grounds.

3/ Floating Market- Damneon Saduak

When I visited Bangkok, aside from the Temples the Floating Market is what I "really" wanted to experience. We (hubby and I) hired a driver for the day to bring us there and back. Initially we were told, it would only take 30 minutes to get there...."lies" with traffic it took us a little over an hour from Sukhumvit road, so be prepared!! 

On our boat ride along the river side, we came across all types of stalls selling souvenirs, spices, herbs and plants.

Feeling a bit peckish, have some Tom Yam!
Pick up your 5 a day!
Traditional Thai home's along the river bank
The "BEST" coconut ice cream I have "EVER" tried!

If you LOVE yourself coconut and LOVE yourself ice cream, then you "have" to try this ice cream!! Hands down, best ice cream I have ever had!

4/ Asiatique

A friend of our's had recommended we visit Asiatiqe. It is described as an open air mall, where you have restaurants, bars, a night market, shops and a large Ferris wheel! We took the free boat service from Saphan Taskin BTS, which takes roughly about 10mins. 

Asiatiqe Sky- Largest Ferris Wheel in Thailand
I am not one for heights, but I sucked it up that day (trying to overcome my fears) and the view's are pretty amazing! It just adds that little extra to your evening.

There are lots of shops and market stalls, you are lucky if you get to see all of them in one night!

I had to share this one with you;). We "really" enjoyed the grilled chicken from this place!!

Info; www.thaiasiatique.com
Photo Credits (1) Google

5/ Labua Hotel- Sky Bar

Last but not least, I finish this post with the famous Labua Hotel- Sky bar. Here, is where you "really" get to see some awesome views of the city.

Sky Bar, is one of the highest roof top bar's in the world and was one of the locations used to film Hangover 2!
So me, being a HUGE Hangover fan I was over the moon (nearly) to come here!
View of Sirocco Restaurant

Cheesy and not so clear pic of Moi!

Tip: Try to get there before the sun sets!
Photo Credits (1&2) Google

Sorry if you found this post a bit longer than usual. I tried to cut it down as much I could:).
Will you be visiting Bangkok this year? Have you been before and maybe have other recommendations on where to visit? would love to hear from you!
Till next time


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  1. such an interesting place


  2. It really is, I had no expectations when I went, which probably worked in my favour:) Thank you for our comment x

  3. I'm planning to go to Bangkok soon so this is useful for me! The architecture (and food) looks amazing.

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. I am so happy to hear you found this useful! I'm sure you are going to have an awesome time there, thank you for the feedback. I have a a brief look at your blog and will read over your Bali trip shortly, as I am planning to visit there soon x



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