Pineapple Mad- Home Decor

May 25, 2015

Pineapple Craze

Hope you have all had, a lovely bank holiday weekend (for those in the UK) and weekend for others!

I am back in the UK at the moment, spending time with family and had a friends wedding to attend, which was, the most, amazing, gorgeous and beautiful day!!

When I'm in back in the UK "one can not resist", to have a nosy round the you do. One of those days out, my sister and I, wandered in to the home department, at House of Fraser and found these really cool, Pineapple shaped, basin accessories, there is even a toilette brush (seen in the picture), shaped as a Pineapple!! Just to let you know, I didn't make a purchase, I really wanted to, but, I couldn't see myself, carting the whole lot back to Malaysia and my husband, would NOT be impressed!! Instead, I have blogged about it!ha (Lucky for him;)

"Join me, on my pineapple obsession"

I have created this collage, adding all my Pineapple finds. There is a real mix of items in there, for those of us, that may want a subtle hint, like the Pineapple ice cube shapes, or for the ones, that like to make a statement, the Pineapple Lampshades, from House of Hackney. I feel, they all add that bit of fun and quirkiness to any home.

When I look at the fruit, pineapple, I automatically think, tropical, sandy beach, warm climates, so it would make sense, to want to add, that little piece of sunshine to your home, Right?!

My favourite items are still the basin set, "Oh" and I like the cushions too! Have you bought any Pineapple home decor items? if you did, what were they and where did you buy them from? Feel free to comment below, would love to hear from you!

Till next time

Ananas pineapple lamp
World market outdoor rug
£11 -

J Crew kitchen dining
£10 -

Wood bread board
£48 -

Pineapple cookie jar
£49 -

Julia Knight serveware
£45 -

Rifle Paper Co pineapple wallpaper
£115 -

Pineapple home decor
£3.19 -

Wall art
£54 -

DecoBREEZE Pineapple Figurine Fan
£61 -

Ship poster
£14 -

Barclay Butera fabric home decor
£125 -

Polyester throw pillow
£29 -

Gray home decor
£93 -

Grey accent pillow

Pineapple candle holder
£22 -

Pineapple bookend

Herend pineapple home decor
£125 -

Sunnylife fragrance candle
£22 -

Sunnylife fragrance candle
£29 -

Sunnylife fragrance candle
£9.59 -

Linea Pineapple toilet brush

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