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February 22, 2015

Hey all!!

I wanted to share with you my go to, everyday makeup, which is minimal and easy to wear. Some of the products i use are oldies and there are a couple of new ones in there, that i discovered recently.

Benefit- The Pore fessional

A friend recently recommended this to me, so i thought, "why not try it out". Benefit Pore fessional, is made to minimize the appearance of pores. You can wear it on its own or under makeup. 
At first i was a little concerned as the colour is fairly light, but once on the skin, it seems to blend in easily and has a dry, powdery feel to it. I apply the product to my t-zone area, as that's the area where i have lager pores and my skin is most oily. 
I probably wouldn't recommend this product to anyone that is prone to spots, as i have found with this product, it is used to fill in the gaps and smooth over the skin. I have been wearing it most days, on its own and have not had any breakouts, so, so far i have been happy with this recent purchase:).

Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer &
Sheer Finished Pressed Powder

Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer, I have been using for years!! I have tried to break away and try other concealers, but always end up coming back to this. The only thing i have changed recently, is the colour. I always used to buy the colour "Honey" and then decided to change to "Warm Honey" because my skin tone has changed, since moving to warmer climates. 
I like the fact in the pallet, that not only do you get a concealer you also have the Sheer Finished Pressed Powder (a bit of a mouthful there) to go with it. Depending on how i feel, i either apply the concealer with my fingers, or mostly using a brush and then seal it with the finishing powder after. 
The only negative thing i have to say is, i do find at times i get creases under my eyes after full application, but then, i did find the same problem when i tried other concealers?! So, if anyone can recommend a different method of applying, or if there is something that i can put under my eyes first before application that could help prevent creases, it would be much appreciated;).

Illamasqua- Powder Blusher in Lover

Since being introduced to Illamasqua makeup by my sister (MUA), i can not tell you how much i love, love, love their blushers!! I love the feel of it against my skin, i like the lightness of it, the way you can build up the colour and even the smell of it!haha 
I have 3 of their blushers and this colour is the one i have been wearing the you can tell, i have "hit pan". 
I apply blusher to the apples of my cheeks and stroke against my face in an upwards motion, kinda following my jaw bone. (its hard to explain!)

MAC Eye Shadow- Soft Brown Matte &
Naked Lunch Frost

I was kindly given these two Mac Eye Shadows, from a friend recently.I don't normally where eye shadows during the day, i tend to wear it when i am applying a full face of makeup for an occasion. But i have found with the colour of these two eye shadows, being close to my skin tone, it is not too heavy and gives my face a little pick me up for the days i feel I'm looking rough;).

Maybelline- The Hyper Curl Volume Express
Waterproof- Black

The brand mascara i have been wearing for "years" has been L'Oréal and which i still do! When i moved to Malaysia i realised i hadn't packed my mascara with me, as again (real minimal), i don't wear it everyday. I visited a local drug store (i think Watson's) and decided to try out this Maybelline mascara.....which i really like on my eyelashes. My eyelashes are short and not too thick, so i found with this mascara, it gives a nice even amount, not clumpy and where the brush is curved, i am able to reach the really short lashes in the corner of my eyes.

Papaya Gold & Lucas Papaw Ointment

So, we now come to the last lips! Since discovering Lucas Paw Paw Ointment years ago, this, is something that you will always find in my handbag. It is a multi purpose product (I always use on my lips) and i found you don't need to use too much at a time, a little goes a long way, so it lasts for ages!! Unfortunately, things came to an end. I was still in the UK and unable to order more of the Lucas Paw Paw, so, i found a replacement (for the time being). Papaya Gold, which i bought in Boots. It is a similar product, but to be honest, i do not find it is as effective as the Lucas Paw Paw. Once i am coming to the end of using Papaya Gold, i will go back to Lucas Paw Paw.

On the Right- Mac lip gloss

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte-
19 Fuchsia In Rage

As like most people, you go through fazes when is comes to makeup and other things. Lipstick, is one of them. Recently i have started wearing again my, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick, which i purchased some time ago. My top lip is darker than my bottom lips, so certain lipstick colours are not so effective. With this lipstick, not only does the colour look the same when i apply to my lips, it also moisturises them too. 
Then there are days, when i want to even my lip colour and not wear something so bold and bright. That is  when i will wear a nude/pink/brown tone lip gloss and then i am good to go!

Hope you like this post and hopefully i have not bored you, as i find, i can go on a bit too much. I write, just like a talk! i can not explain anything in a sentence, it has to be a long paragraph!!

Anyway, Please let me know what you think, all feedback is welcome and if you have any questions or recommendations, i would love to hear it.

Thanks xx

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